Why did I want to paint an old toaster?   I am interested in antique kitchen utensils for the design elements.  I think there is an importance to give domestic kitchen utensils a universe, a space which gives the common everyday utensil  a space  not common to their everyday existence.   I also want the painting to create a conversation between the viewer, the painting  and myself.  


Dana was a friend of mine at Purdue.  She was energetic, creative, and forever exploring and stretching her imagination in the clay studio.  One day, she finished throwing the five bottles and after firing she put them on the shelf in her studio.  I was always intrigued by the shape, texture, and color of the bottles.  Dana finished her education at Purdue and was preparing to move into her life's journey.  Moving all the projects in clay for a student is very difficult.  Finding space and time to pack.  Dana had to leave some of her art behind.  I just happened to be in the studio and she offered me several pieces of her work, the bottles were on the list.   I have kept them these years and find they make very good subjects to paint.  I find the shapes, color, texture interesting to explore in paint on canvas and the memories of a delightful person.  I have not heard from Dana over the years, but the bottles bring back fond moments of the talks and laughter we had while working in the clay studios. 

Elainna is a granddaughter of a friend of mine.  I was visiting the family and Elainna  invited me to see her room after she finished decorating it.  I admired the room the young teenager had decorated and I saw the three pair of ballet slippers hanging on the closet door knobs.  The slippers were graduated sizes.  I was struck by the wear and soil on each shoe.  Yet very simple, but so much work and practices year after year had been put into the wear and soil.  But still the  delicate satiny pink was peeking through and the shoe laces were hanging as if they were resting after all the hard practices over the years.  I was drawn by the simplicity of movement, soft color, but the endurance that had been taken to put the wear and tear on these ballet slippers.  I ask Elianna if I could draw the slippers.  When I finished with the drawing, I gave it to Elianna.